1. When can my order be delivered? 

  • Orders made before 10am on a working day will be processed. The courier will come the next day.
2. How long does it take to get my orders delivered? 
  • Once the courier picks up your parcel, you can except it to arrive within 2 working days.
3. How much does delivery cost? 
  • We apply a flat delivery rate of $4.50 for orders below $40. 
    4. How can my order qualify for free delivery? 
    • We offer free delivery within Singapore for orders of $40 and above.
    5. What should I do when the package is damaged upon delivery?
    • In the event that the delivered package is damaged, please contact us at info@greenlife.sg with photos of the damaged packaging. We will get in touch with you.
      6. Can I order to other countries outside of Singapore?
      • Yes we offer international delivery outside of Singapore. 


        7. What modes of payment do you accept for online orders? 
        • We accept payment by all major credit cards, and Paypal. 
          8. When will my credit card by charged? 
          • Your card will be charged upon checkout
            9. What currency is my purchases in? 
            • All purchases are processed in Singapore Dollars (SGD) 

              EXCHANGE & REFUNDS

              10. How can I exchange or return my purchases?

              • All products cannot be exchanged or returned. 

              11. What if the item I ordered is no longer available?

              • If the item you ordered is no longer available, we would provide you an alternative solution. A member of our customer service will contact you to suggest an alternative item or refund you for the non-available item.  

              12. Can my order be cancelled? 

              • All orders cannot be cancelled.